In The Mood For Love as a brand was born inspired from the strong visual world was presented in the movie by Wong Kar Wai, In the Mood for Love
tells a love story which is kept as secret with the beautifully chic atmosphere in the 50's Hong Kong.

It is mysterious, chic, in love, romantic, sensual, poetic.

So I reflected all these feelings and mood to my ITMFL collection and translated into beautifully draped,
sumptuous, lavishly cut, sensual lounge dresses and pyjamas collection.
My inspiration comes from my travels to Far East, vintage kimonos, romantic and erotic literature such as Anais Nin, which is also quite feminist.
Marina Abramovic as an artist, the photographs of Duchess of Wallis and her home entertaining style.
Great Chinese book, by Cao Xueqin, The Dream of Red Chamber, and peonies as flowers which presents female beauty and reproduction,
richness, honour and high social class in Chinese culture. Which very much represents the core of the brand.
ITMFL woman dresses to entertain herself and guests, kind of inspire them. In such sense, she is an eccentric host,
She dresses to surprise, she dresses pyjamas for dinner parties and she wears slippers with her gowns, this is her wardrobe.
She enjoys plush velvets, sumptuous settings, lavishly cut shapes, she likes the sensual and luxurious fabrics like silk and velvet,
she likes rich, exotic colours, burgundy, forest green, azure, and she also enjoys the spark of the sequins.

The essence of the collection when we put into words are, sumptous, poetic, romantic, unexpected.

The key products are Panama for dinner parties which is sequinned or plush velvety,
cozy in a luxury, and Ballerina like wrap dresses, kind of sophisticated, frilly bath robe we can say.